Injured turtle gets equipped with Lego wheelchair

Veterinarians at the Maryland Zoo equipped a harmed Eastern turtle with a wheelchair worked from Lego. A representative of the zoo found the turtle whose shell had been harmed in a close-by stop.

“He had various breaks on his plastron, the base piece of his shell. On account of the novel situation of the cracks, we were faced with a tough challenge with keeping up the turtle’s versatility while enabling him to mend appropriately,” said Ellen Bronson, the sensior director of zoo’s animal department.

Local2News Quoted:

Zoo officials say there aren’t devices small enough for turtles to use so they got creative and drew sketches of a customized wheelchair. The sketches were then sent to a friend, who is also a LEGO enthusiast.

“The sketches proved to be a success and the turtle received his very own multi-colored LEGO brick wheelchair just a few weeks after surgery. The turtle is roughly the size of a grapefruit. The small LEGO frame surrounds his shell and sits on four LEGO wheels,” said Garrett Fraess, veterinary extern at the zoo.


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