Guy turns his basement into Disneyland’s Fantasyland

John Frost wrote, “Travis who is a railroad engineer, reconstructed iconic structures from the Fantasyland of Disneyland in his free time. The outcome is quite detailed and real-looking recreation of facades to the Mr. Toad’s Snow White’s Scary Adventures, Wild Ride, etc”

“I drew a scale plan of what space I had to work with then laid out walls where I felt would work,” said Travis. “Upon going through photos I took at Disneyland, I noticed that several of my wall plans lined up with the Fantasyland exteriors in my pictures. It must have been a subconscious inspiration.”

Although he started the project in 2006 and worked on it from time to time, he began to get serious about completing it in 2015. He created a lot of the specialty pieces himself to get an accurate recreation of the exteriors.

“I have many thousands of reference pictures collected from the internet, taken my me or by friends at my request for images of certain items or from certain angles,” said Travis. “From those I have tried to, within reason, faithfully reproduce those exteriors.”


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