Vets Are Warning Dog Owners About A Popular Dog Toy That’s Already Claimed One Dog’s Life

Dog ownership comes with many responsibilities. We aren’t just responsible for the basics, like feeding our dogs, giving them plenty of water, and making sure they get enough exercise. We are also responsible for their happiness. Playtime is essential. In our home, we keep a large bucket of toys that are accessible to both of my dogs at any time. I could never imagine that toys, bought at a big name pet store, could threaten my dogs’ lives. But this is exactly what happened to Jamie Stumpf and her pooch, Maximus.

As a very responsible pet owner, Jamie purchased a toy ball that didn’t have any small parts he could choke on. She purchased a toy that from all accounts looked perfectly fine…

However, when Maximus took the toy into his mouth and squeezed the air out from inside of it, the toy became lodged around his tongue. It caused the poor dog’s tongue to swell, blocking his airway.

By the time Maximus was able to receive proper medical attention, it was too late. His untimely death is a reminder that no matter how much we try to keep our animals safe, there are still risks out there.

Now Jamie has to go on without her best friend.

Please, keep a close eye on your pets at all times when they are trying out a new toy. If it looks hinky, throw it away or bring it back for a refund. Through no fault of her own, Jamie paid the ultimate price when her only goal was to make her dog happy.

R.I.P. Dear Maximus, You’ll be Forever in our hearts

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