Great place for Glampers to shop

 These fellas are awesome!! The Glam Camping Company, have an excellent range of glamp gear you may need for your next glam camping trip.

From glowing chandeliers, sheepskin rugs and luxurious reindeer hides, to sparkling fairy lights and reindeer candle holders for those glamping up Christmas!

For me, I reckon the Strawberries and cream bell tent is a classic!

comforter throw strawberries and cream bell tect

Duvets for Glamping, Classic!

This is just brillaint.

Australian Lazypatch has created the Duvet Suit and other lounging gear aimed at keeping consumers warm while they reduce their energy usage at night.

With a drawstring waistband, large pockets for TV remotes and other essentials, a removable hood and a carrying bag that doubles as a pillowcase, the Duvet Suit is designed to keep wearers warm while they watch TV, take the dog for a bedtime walk, attend a sporting event or participate in any other occasion where cold can be a problem. Available in 12 different colours and patterns,

Glampers, you have got to own one of these!

Thermoelectric Weelies For Glamping

Take a look at this…… Orange Power Wellies!

Created by Orange in collaboration with GotWind, Orange Power Wellies with a power-generating sole that converts heat from the wearer’s feet into an electrical current that can be used to charge a mobile phone. Twelve hours  in the thermoelectric boots provides enough power to charge a phone for one hour.

Unbelievable…. sure to see a few glampers swanning around in these one day.

Glampers With New iPads

Accessory best seller the AQUAPAC Large Wanganui 100% Waterproof case. You can read the iPad and use the touch screen effortlessly when using the iPad outdoors glamping and in the wet – at the beach , the pool , the spa or in the outback with its ever present dust. The large AQUAPAC Wanganui is a great investment to protect your new flash iPad.

Glamping Furniture

Chic online boutique BODIE and FOU is where you can find unique and inspiring European designer home accessories combined with the best of stylish French furniture and homewares.

Taking glamping (glamour camping) to the next level of Luxing (luxurious camping), Normann Copenhagen is launching the exclusive Camping series designed by Jesper K. Thomsen.
A collection that includes a chair, table, stool and daybed and consists of chairs, table, stool and daybed in moulded beech wood.

Jesper K. Thomsen explains: ‘The archetypical camping equipment has been my inspiration. The design has a recognition factor that brings the thoughts over to leisure and togetherness, that many think are typical of camping. I like the thought of bringing outdoor pursuits indoor or, perharps more correctly, freedom into the living room. At the same time, the icon, camping furniture, has been refined in my interpretation. Against all odds, I have been successful in making the chairs and the daybed without frames beneath the seat, which makes part of its unique expression.’

Making your own Glamping Kit

Great blog I came across, Lolalina. Daily blog about discovering and living life to the fullest.

Blog Post: Lets go Glamping [make your ouwn Cute camping Kit] -June 2, 2009. is a pearler!

Follow true inspiration and see creation of the stunning Glamping Kit. Has that warm and fuzzy feeling to it, and post has great links to shops, designs, all most items selected that make up the Glamping kit.

Check it out!