Thermoelectric Weelies For Glamping

Take a look at this…… Orange Power Wellies!

Created by Orange in collaboration with GotWind, Orange Power Wellies with a power-generating sole that converts heat from the wearer’s feet into an electrical current that can be used to charge a mobile phone. Twelve hoursĀ  in the thermoelectric boots provides enough power to charge a phone for one hour.

Unbelievable…. sure to see a few glampers swanning around in these one day.

12 thoughts on “Thermoelectric Weelies For Glamping

  1. If you want to camp and have fun, then using this all amenities you can enjoy at home also. Take a break from all this stuff if you want to camp or glamp.

  2. LOVE your product… congratulations on some really cool technology. I am with a company that produces a really fun, pop-up flip-flip (great for camping after you take off your boots, yes?) that’s anti-microbial and biodegradable. Do you ever feature other products??

  3. Interesting! The only thing that concerns me is that most people go camping to get away from the hustle and bustle of things including electronic devices so I’m not sure if they would need a lot of electric current. It would be nice to use in the event of an emergency though and they appear to be durable enough to last for a long time.

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